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Become a Business Professional

Program Description

This is a general business degree.
This online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Professional Business Concentration is designed primarily for business professionals who plan to become effective managers dealing with processes and people. The concentration is targeted toward students who wish to gain a solid understanding of fundamental business disciplines. Students will be exposed to core elements of business and will be able to function in careers such as general management, international business, financial operations, general consulting and government. Students in this program prefer a general degree rather than specialized concentrations (Accounting, Finance, etc.).
What can I do with a BA in Business Administration?
Completion of a business undergraduate degree provides preparation for a diverse range of careers including: social work, politics, law, public administration, urban and environmental planning, public relations, personnel, criminal justice, counseling and other service professions. Review our listing of possible careers and employers.
This is a degree completion program.
Students are required to have their general education requirements completed prior to entering the program (minimum of 63 transferable units). See Admission Requirements for details.
This is a California State University, Fullerton degree.
Completion of the required courses will result in a BA in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton, an accredited state university. This degree is offered by the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at CSUF—the largest accredited business school on the West Coast, nationally recognized for accreditation in both its business and accounting programs.
Ideal for students working full time.
The online format will allow working students the flexibility to complete their course work when it's convenient for them at a reasonable pace. The typical schedule of two courses per term allows working students the time to focus and absorb the material, despite their busy life.
Ideal for students from any location.
There are no on-campus requirements for this program — everything will be completed online, accessible from anywhere.
Cohort-based program.
Students will take the courses together as a group and will remain with the same group to completion. Students will get to know their instructor and classmates well as they take the journey together.
Three year program.
Students will complete two related courses each term (Fall, Spring, Summer - (see schedule), usually one course every 8 weeks
On campus graduation ceremony.
Upon completion, students will have the option to participate in the commencement ceremony on the Cal State Fullerton campus, if desired.
Complete a second Bachelor's degree
Students who have completed a non-business degree can obtain a second Bachelor's degree in Business by completing this program. See Admission Requirements for a list of lower division business core requirements that need to be taken in advance of being admitted to this program. Call a Cal State Online Coach at 855-278-1882 to discuss your situation.