How to Apply

Getting Started

Whether you're a community college transfer student, a military servicemember or spouse, or a professional looking to complete your undergraduate degree... we're here to help.

  • What will you do with a Business Administration degree?

    This online program features the Professional Business Concentration which is designed primarily for business professionals who plan to become effective managers dealing with processes and people. The program is targeted toward students who wish to gain a solid understanding of fundamental business disciplines. Review the list of careers and companies that you may want to make a part of your future goals as you complete this degree. The Career Center on campus has many resources available on their website as you make decisions for change.

  • Are you ready to take online courses?

    Review the advantages of online learning and check out our online readiness checklist to see if you have the required equipment and the temperament for online learning.

  • What is degree completion?

    For a degree-completion degree program like this one, you are required to have approximately 66 transferable credits from another college or university in order to begin. In some cases, arrangements can be made to admit students who are lacking some requirements. Review the program's specific admission requirements and call a Cal State Online Coach (855-278-1882) to discuss your situation.

  • How will you pay for school?

    Financial aid options are available depending on your situation. Speak with our financial aid advisor for more information about what might be appropriate for you.

  • How do I apply?

    Before applying to this program, students are encouraged to contact a Cal State Online Coach (855-278-1882). This will help to insure a smooth application process. Your transcripts will be reviewed to make sure you have all the requirements to apply to this program. Admission to any California State University goes through CSU Mentor. Once you fill out the online form and submit it, you will be contacted if there are any questions or when the process is completed. Once your admission is accepted, you'll be able to register for classes.